What is a retro audio guestbook and why do you need one?

Warum sollte man ein Audio Gästebuch buchen?

Would you like something fun, unforgettable and unique for your wedding or birthday party? Find out why an audio guestbook will enrich your celebration in these ways!

My experience with paper guest books as a wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer, I have written in numerous guest books. Sometimes guests leave really creative entries, while others just leave short sentences like "We have been part of it!" or "Thank you for the beautiful day!" followed by their signatures.
But the guest books always had one thing in common - a few written pages were followed by many, many blank pages.

So I was all the more thrilled when I saw an old phone as a guestbook in a friend's WhatsApp status for the first time. I immediately asked what it was all about. The answer was an audio guestbook where guests could leave their greetings in the form of voice messages.
This idea inspired me to found

Why the audio guestbook is the perfect alternative

How brilliant it is when you don't have to get a "dusty, half-empty guest book" out of the cupboard years later, but instead can fully reproduce the voices of the guests, the atmosphere on site, the emotions and the energy - all the voices! Those of your own parents, grandparents, friends or even your little niece, who perhaps couldn't even write at the time of the party.

Her voice will also change over time. How nice it is to have the opportunity to preserve the sound of their voice at the time of the event. Other voices will unfortunately fade away because they have left us forever. A message left by a loved one in the audio guestbook can be one of the last recordings of their voice that a couple has.

A declaration of love to the past and the future

The inhibition threshold for leaving a short, funny or emotional voice message in an audio guestbook is much lower than getting all guests to make a lengthy guestbook entry. In fact, it's a fun activity with a vintage feel that guests will love at any event.

This is the power that an audio guestbook has over a paper guestbook. It preserves excitement, real emotions and, of course, love! Think of the audio guestbook as a kind of "time capsule" that helps you to remember this wonderful moment in your life again and again.

The voicemails left behind should make you laugh, and maybe sometimes cry. One thing I can assure you in any case - over time, the messages will become more and more valuable to you!

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