We need new audio guestbooks for the country!

We have added three more phones to our collection of Retro Audio guest books. "Fenja", "Julia" and "Micky" are ready for you to book now!

Salmon color, gold with creamy white accents or quite extraordinary "disguised" as Mickey Mouse.

With Fenja, Julia and Micky, we are adding three new models to our phone collection, bringing the total to a whopping 15 variants. But that's not all: we remain tireless in our search for unique and historically significant telephones. If you are in possession of such a "gem" yourself or know someone who is, don't hesitate to contact us!

The three NEW Retro Audio guestbooks in the overview

New accessories: Together instead of lonely - The mini speaker with Bluetooth and 16GB Micro SD card

Just listening to the voice messages is a joy. But together it is even more fun! And that's where our new mini speaker comes in:

We provide you with your individual total mix, divided into individual tracks, on a 16GB micro SD card. Just turn on the speaker and listen to the voice messages together with friends!
Smart touchscreen technology lets you easily adjust the volume to your liking and quickly switch to the track you want with the tip of your finger.

Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, you can easily connect the mini speaker to your phone to listen to music wirelessly - for up to 12 hours at 60% volume. Of course, we also include a micro USB charging cable. Within only 2-3 hours the speaker is fully charged.

The included hard case protects your mini speaker during transport. With dimensions of only 8.5 x 8.5 x 3 cm and a weight of only 260 grams, it fits nicely into almost any handbag.

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