Voice messages you'll listen to over and over again!

It doesn't always have to be the classic paper guest book. Try something new! With the Retro Audio Guestbook you can preserve emotional or funny voice messages of your guests for eternity.

Free delivery and assumption of return shipping costs within Germany.

15 different models to choose from. For weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions!

THE alternative to the paper guest book


Our Retro Audio Guest Books are converted dial phones that allow your guests to leave voice messages during an event. Comparable to a good wine, the recorded sound will become more and more valuable to you over time!

How does it sound?


We optimize your voicemails for an even better sound experience. This includes reducing background noise and adjusting the volume. After your event you will receive the individual recordings as high-quality MP3 files and additionally an individually created overall composition for download. We also offer a video version in MP4 format for easy sharing of your audio greetings. For long-term storage and as a special keepsake option, we offer personalized USB sticks, audio CDs, mini speakers and even vinyl records. This way your audio greetings will be unforgettable forever!

The easy steps to your Retro Audio Guestbook


Our Retro Audio guestbooks are shipped free of charge within Germany, and a prepaid return label is included for convenient return shipping.


After your selection, set your booking date in the calendar.


Order a USB stick, an audio CD, a mini speaker or a vinyl record directly and save shipping costs.


You are looking for an individual gift? Give memories that will last forever!

Our Retro Audio Guest Book Phone Collection


Here you can check which audio guestbooks are available on your desired date.

If your event takes place within the next 10 days, please contact us directly.


Diana is an elegant, ivory-colored desk phone - an original W48 made of Bakelite. An audio guest book that goes great with stylish weddings. Let Diana preserve your guests' voices for eternity!

Year of manufacture 1948-1967
Color Ivory
Rental price (plus rental deposit) 299,00 

Diana is delivered without the telefon-mieten.de logo on the dial.


Elisabeth, or affectionately known as the W48 desk telephone, is the second German post-war telephone, developed and manufactured for Deutsche Post from 1948. We slimmed Elisabeth down a bit on the inside and then equipped her with state-of-the-art technology. Instead of hotels or doctors' offices, Elisabeth - our retro audio guestbook - can now be found at stylish weddings or birthday parties. Elisabeth is sure to have an open ear for your guests!

Year of manufacture 1948-1967
Color Black
Rental price (plus rental deposit) 299,00 

Elisabeth is delivered without the telefon-mieten.de logo on the dial.


Fenja - our salmon-colored telephone from the FeTaP series (Fernsprech-Tisch-Apparat). And since "salmon" somehow has a connection to water, we just named it Fenja. This phone is really something special. Unique because only a few phones were produced in this color scheme at the time.

Year of manufacture 1961-1986
Color Salmon
Rental price (plus rental deposit) 269,00 

Fenja loves northern Germany, but also feels at home in the east, south and west of the republic.


Gertrud is a magnificent vintage design desk phone. Not old, but "made to look old" a real eye-catcher at your event.

Year of manufacture Retro style (replica)
Color Bronze
Rental price (plus rental deposit) 299,00 

Gertrud is delivered without the telefon-mieten.de logo on the dial.


Gloria is our golden retro phone from the FeTAp series. It was professionally painted and additionally finished with a touch of glitter. It sparkles and shines, making it perfect for milestone birthdays or golden weddings.

Year of manufacture 1961-1986
Color Gold + glitter
Rental price (plus rental deposit) 269,00 

One significant advantage of audio guestbooks is that even the youngest children, who may not have developed their writing skills yet, can leave their precious 'voice.' This heartwarming gesture isn't just appreciated by grandparents, but by everyone!

»Gloria« - ein goldenes Retro Audio Gästebuch mit »Glitzereffekt«! Es ist perfekt geeignet, um auf runden Geburtstagen oder goldenen Hochzeiten die Grüße deiner Gäste entgegenzunehmen.


Irmgard is a replica of a bright red nostalgia phone of the 60s.

Year of manufacture 60s (replica)
Color Red
Rental price (plus rental deposit) 269,00 

Congratulations as voice messages - I wonder what your guests have to say?

Rotes Retro Audio Gästebuch »Irmgard« - macht die Stimmen deiner Gäste hörbar!


Jennifer is a native of East Germany and was made during the GDR era. Unimaginable nowadays is the fact that until the end of the GDR, only about six percent of all private households had a fixed network connection.

Today our audio guestbook Jennifer "listens to" the dear words of your guests at wedding or birthday parties. The "Stasi" no longer listens in. The greetings left are only for you!

Year of manufacture 1980s
Color Orange
Rental price (plus rental deposit) 249,00 

Jennifer is delivered without the telefon-mieten.de logo on the dial.

»Jennifer« - ein Retro Audio Gästebuch aus Ostdeutschland (ehem. DDR). Speichert die Stimmen deiner Gäste für die Ewigkeit.


Julia is our second retro style audio guestbook wrapped in shiny gold. It might seem that the painter has run out of paint, but that is not the case at all! Subtle crème white accents on the earcups and base plate give Julia its uniqueness. If you want to offer your guests a true feast for the eyes, then choosing Julia will hit the mark.

Year of manufacture 1961-1986
Color Gold with créme white
Rental price (plus rental deposit) 269,00 

Collect the votes of your loved ones with Julia!

Julia – ein goldenes Audio-Gästebuch mit einem Hauch von Crémeweiß. Ein bezaubernder Blickfang, der zum Verlieben einlädt! Vielleicht schon bald eine Bereicherung für deine Hochzeits- oder Geburtstagseier?


Katharina is a replica, a bright white nostalgia phone of the 60s.

Year of manufacture 60s (replica)
Color White
Rental price (plus rental deposit) 269,00 

From now on, sayings and congratulations copied from the Internet are a thing of the past. Your retro audio guestbook captures real emotions!

Weißes Retro Audio Gästebuch »Katharina« - ein Gästebuch, das jeder Gast gerne nutzen wird. Ideal für Hochzeiten, Geburtstage, Familienfeiern oder andere besondere Events.


We found Leonie on the Lower Rhine, more precisely in Wesel-Büderich. It is a marble phone and therefore a real heavyweight. After we converted it into a modern audio guestbook, it is now eagerly awaiting the numerous greeting messages, maybe even at your next event!

Year of manufacture 1970s
Color Brown
Rental price (plus rental deposit) 299,00 

Leonie is delivered without the telefon-mieten.de logo on the dial.


Mariella is an original, brown leather covered, retro phone from Italy. We have converted it into another audio guestbook for you.
Nowadays, "Mamma Miracoli" would certainly like to call her children to eat with it. But they still had to follow the church clock back then... (If you don't know the spot: This way!)

Year of manufacture 1970s
Color Brown
Rental price (plus rental deposit) 299,00 

Mariella is delivered without the telefon-mieten.de logo on the dial.

»Mariella« - ein braunes, mit Leder ummanteltes Audio Gästebuch aus Italien. Ein weiteres Vintage-Telefon, das wie ein Anrufbeantworter funktioniert. Hörer abnehmen, Grüße hinterlassen, auflegen! So einfach bekommst du unvergessliche Sprachnachrichten deiner Gäste.


Marlen, our green audio guestbook, has been a real classic in German living rooms, and goes great with stylish garden weddings or birthdays.

Year of manufacture 1961-1986
Color Green
Rental price (plus rental deposit) 269,00 

Wedding phones preserve voices. The voices of your loved ones. You too hold on to them forever!

»Marlen« - ein grünes Retro Audio Gästebuch. Fängt die Stimmen deines Events ein und sorgt so für unvergessliche Erinnerungen. Grußnachrichten für die Ewigkeit.


Micky (Mouse) presents itself as an extraordinary audio guestbook! To date (as of November 2023), it appears to be unique of its kind in Germany. The characteristic, unmistakable voice of Mickey Mouse also welcomes the guests, of course! In our opinion, this unique audio guestbook is perfect for children's birthday parties from the age of 10.

Of course, it is also a real eye-catcher at any wedding or other event!

Year of manufacture 1983
Color Multicolor
Rental price (plus rental deposit) 299,00 

Our offer for birthday children:
Send us to hallo@telefon-mieten.de a confirmation (e.g. photo from the health insurance card or student ID) of the birthday child, and after you return the guestbook, we will refund half of the rental cost (valid only until the celebration of the 17th birthday).

Micky ist das absolute Highlight auf jedem Kindergeburtstag. Dieses Audio Gästebuch wird mit einer Micky Maus Stimme als Standardansage geliefert.


Mira is another classic among desk telephone devices. For years, this telephone reliably performed its service in living rooms and offices all over Germany. With us you get the original models delivered with modern interior. The orange audio guestbook Mira is happy to listen to the stories of your guests!

Year of manufacture 1961-1986
Color Orange
Rental price (plus rental deposit) 269,00 

Listening to the voice messages left behind, you can always be transported back to the atmosphere of the place and be reminded of the emotions of your guests.

»Mira« - ein orangenes Retro Audio Gästebuch. Ein umgebautes Post Wählscheibentelefon. Die moderne Alternative zum klassischen Gästebuch. Wenn du etwas Außergewöhnliches für deine Hochzeit, Taufe, Geburtstag, Firmenfeier oder Jubiläum suchst.


Romy was often called a "gray mouse" back then. This retro audio guestbook comes in pebble gray and looks forward to hearing souvenirs from your guests.

Year of manufacture 1961-1986
Color Pebble gray
Rental price (plus rental deposit) 269,00 

Many things of a wedding or a birthday fade with time. Romy will preserve the voices of your guests for eternity!

»Romy« - ein kieselgraues Retro Audio Gästebuch. Nicht nur auf Hochzeiten oder Geburtstagen! Wie wäre der Einsatz bei einer Weihnachtsfeier, Polterabend, Silvesterfeier, Eröffnungsfeier. Endlich eine Alternative zum klassischen Gästebuch - ganz ohne Stift und Papier.


Sofia - the "virtuous" comes in an ocher hue. Another old desk phone that we lovingly restored and converted into a guest book phone.

Year of manufacture 1961-1986
Color Ochre
Rental price (plus rental deposit) 269,00 

Whether it's the drunken uncle, the little niece, the maudlin mom or the dear grandma - Sofia gives everyone an open "ear".

»Sofia« - ein Retro Audio Gästebuch in der Farbe Ocker. Wir vermieten Audio Gästebücher deutschlandweit und versandkostenfrei. Egal, ob deine Feier in Köln, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, München, Berlin, Dresden, Hannover oder sonstwo in Deutschland stattfindet.
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